Certified Translation Services

Certified Translation Services in London, UK

Translation services haven’t kept up with the digital age. Translations often take way too long to be completed, aren’t always the work of native speakers and are associated with various hidden costs and variables.


At Avo Translations, we set out from the beginning to provide the kind of certified translation services that we would want to use ourselves. We work with a global network of translators, ensuring that all of our translations are handled by native-speakers only. This also allows us to respond to requests quickly and allocate projects swiftly, shortening our delivery times in comparison with many competitors. Likewise, our translation rates are priced both transparently as well as competitively.


All of our certified translations include a stamp and a statement declaring them true and accurate translation of the original document. They also include the date of the translation, as well as the full name and contact details of a representative of our translation agency. Accordingly, our certified translations comply with the rules for translation certification set by the government of the United Kingdom.

Our Certified Translation Services at a Glance:

  • Official documents
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • School / university diplomas
  • Court documents
  • Passports
  • Visa documents
  • Death certificates
  • Contracts / business documents
  • And much more

Additional Services

As outlined above, certified translations come in a number of shapes and forms. Contact us today for general inquiries or get a quote if you already have the text or document that you need translated.

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