Medical Translation Services

Next to legal translation, it will undoubtedly be medical translation services which highlight the importance of accuracy and expertise in the translation industry. Here, even small errors in the writing or misunderstandings of concepts can have disastrous consequences. Hence, as a translation agency in London, Avo Translations works exclusively with medical experts when it comes to our medical document translation services.

Expert Medical Translation Services in London, UK

There a number of ways through which a translator may have gained expertise in the medical field. They may have completed a medical degree at a university. They may have worked in the medical industry or a related field. Or they may simply have chosen to specialise in medical translation services for personal reasons.


Hence, Avo Translations exclusively works with translators with proven expertise when it comes to translating medical documents. This ensures that your translator will not only be a native speaker but also well-versed in the required medical field. Every medical translation is also double-checked by a second native speaker.


The result of this approach: trust. We trust in the expertise of our medical translators & our proofreaders while you can trust that your document is safe & expert hands.

Overview: Our Medical Translation Services

  • Test result translation services
  • Medical assessments
  • Patents (medical)
  • Trial reports
  • Datasheets
  • Medicine packaging
  • Medicine dosage/instructions
  • Patient records
  • Doctoral theses
  • Hospital discharge summaries

Additional Services

As a provider of medical translation services in London and in the UK, we abide by the strictest quality-assurance standards when the task is to translate medical documents. Contact us today for general inquiries or get a quote.

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