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Transcription services illustrate why it is so crucial to work with native speakers. Although non-native speakers can certainly become proficient in any language, it is usually only native speakers who can pick up on subtle clues & gestures in spoken language that can easily be missed by non-natives. At Avo Translations, all of our translation services are performed by native-speaking transcribers & translators.

Transcription Services in London, UK

Transcription services come in a multitude of ways. We offer all of them. Do you need an English audio file transcribed in English? Do you need a patient interview in Spanish transcribed in Spanish and then translated into English? Or do you want to skip the transcription of the original language and go straight for the translation?


At Avo Translations, we only work with expert native-speaking translators with years of experience in providing transcription services. From audiobooks to interviews, our translators have worked on a wide variety of different projects for personal customers all the way to multinational enterprises.


Accordingly, our translators are able to decipher unclear passages that may be impossible to decipher for non-native speakers. Similarly, they are able to pick up on subtle clues, gestures and implications that non-natives or non-professionals may miss. This makes us one of the best transcription services provider in London, UK

Overview: Our Transcription and Translation Services

  • Transcription and translation services
  • Interview transcription
  • Clinical research transcription
  • Patient interview transcription
  • Court hearing transcription
  • Trial transcription
  • Event transcription
  • Seminar transcription
  • Business meeting transcription

Additional Services

Transcription services needs are often highly specific. Hence, we approach every transcription request on an individual basis and offer custom strategies. Contact us today for general inquiries or get a quote.

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