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Proofreading services are what separates a good text from a perfect text. Especially when it comes to material that has already been translated, a proper proofreading session by an editor can make a or break a text. At Avo Translations, all of our proofreading services are performed by professional linguists & editors.

Professional Proofreading Services in London, UK

If you’ve ever looked at a professional website or an important document and found a typo, then you will know why proofreading & editing is so important. Even a small error can create an impression of clumsiness and unprofessionalism. This is where professional proofreading services come in.


Whether you need your text proofread as a general precaution or if you have had it translated by someone at your office and would now like to double-check it: Proofreading & editing are instrumental to ensuring that your text, document or website appears professional and respectable.


All of our proofread texts are clearly marked to show where something was wrong and where something could be done better. We also provide suggestions and recommendations when a change isn’t 100% necessary but would still benefit the quality of the text. We also ensure that your text conforms to the customs of the target language and culture. The final result is a text that is one thing only: perfect.

Our Proofreading and Editing Services at a Glance

  • General proofreading and editing
  • Academic proofreading services
  • Dissertation proofreading services
  • Website proofreading
  • SEO article proofreading
  • Thesis editing
  • Book editing services
  • Essay editing services
  • Document proofreading services
  • Document editing services

Additional Services

We provide a number of different proofreading & editing services depending on the nature  of the medium and the difficulty level of the assignment. Contact us today for general inquiries or get a quote.

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