German translation services in London, UK

German Translation Services

Certified German translation services in the UK for your documents, websites & more — crafted by native speakers only.

100% Native German Translators

For our German translation services, we exclusively work with highly qualified native German-speakers with years of experience.

2nd Proofreading by Native Speaker

All of our German translations at our Standard & Pro rates are reviewed by an additional native speaker.

24-Hour Average Turnaround Time

Our average turnaround time for a 1–2 page document is 24 hours. Expedited services are available. 

100% Online Process

Our entire process, from when you first request your quote to payment and delivery, is handled online.

German Translation Services in the UK

German is the second most widely spoken language in Europe. We exclusively work with expert German native speakers when it comes to our German translation services. All of our German translators are trained linguists or have years of experience providing German to English translations and vice versa.


All of our German translations are also proofread by a second native speaker. This service is included in our German translation rate and ensures that your translation will be completely free of any errors. The end result will be a final translation that is as authentic as it is accurate. Request a quote from us today.

Why Choose Avo Translations?

Avo Translations was founded with the belief that it was time for translation agencies to adapt to the digital age. Traditional translation services providers have several shortcomings: Their pricing lacks transparency, their translators aren’t always native speakers and the entire process can often be quite slow.


At Avo Translations, we want to change all of that. As one of the first fully online translation agencies in the UK, we pride ourselves for our wide array of translation services, our transparent pricing and that we deliver translation quotes in less than 1 hr. We want to transform translation services in the UK.

Our German Translation Services

All of our German translations are handled by native German translators. Our translators can translate general texts and also specialise in various niches, including legal and medical translation. We can also provide Austrian German and Swiss German translations.


In addition, all of our German translations are also proofread by a second native speaker. This ensures a final deliverable that is completely free of erors. For an overview of our translation rates, please visit our pricing page and get a guaranteed quote within 1 hour.

Certified German Translation Services

We can also provide certified German translation services that are certified as per the requirements set out by the UK government.

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German Document  Translation Services

Our native German translators have years of experience when it comes to translating documents for various niches & industries.

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German Website Translation Services

All of our German website translation services are handled by translators with years of experience in web localisation and  web design.

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German Legal Translation Services

Our German legal translators have years, if not decades, of experience specialising in German legal translation services for civil purposes.

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German Translation Services: Our 4-Step Process

1  You Request a Quote

When you request your German translation quote, add plenty of detail about your project. Include your preferred formatting and delivery date.

2  We Send You a Proposal

Our proposal includes our project outline, our delivery date & our price offer. You can pay via PayPal, debit/credit card & direct bank transfer.

We Translate Your Text

All of our German translations are handled by native-speaking professional translators with years of experience in their relevant niche.

We Proofread & Deliver

All of our German translation services include at least one extra proofreading. We then deliver the text to you in your preferred formatting. That’s it!

English to German Translation Services

All of our German translators are native speakers based in either Germany, Austria or Switzerland. They have years of experience providing English to German translation services and know colloquialisms, cultural specificities and regional dialects inside out. Accordingly, our English to German translations are not only highly accurate but are also vidid and authentic.


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German to English Translation Services

Many of our German to English translators are billingual native German speakers. However, we also work with native English speakers who hold a German language degree or have lived in a German-speaking country. All of our German to English translation services are proofread by a second native English speaker. Get in touch with us today and request your quote.


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Documents We Translate to/from German

Archival Documents

Bank Statement

Book / E-Book

Birth Certificate


Criminal Record

Curriculum Vitae (CV)


Divorce Documents

Driver’s Licence


Financial Statement

Forms / Surveys

Legal Contract

Marketing Materials

Marriage Certificate

Medical Record


Rental Agreement


Software / Apps

Tax Return

Text Messages

Technical Text


Vaccination Record


And much more!

Customise Your Order with These Add-Ons

Rush Order

For when fast isn’t fast enough


per word

Certified Translation

Official certification for official/administrative purposes


per document

Extra Proofreading

For additional peace of mind


per word

More About the German Language

Facts About the German Language

German is spoken by almost 100 million people. It is the official language of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and is the 2nd most commonly spoken foreign language in the EU. German is the 2nd most commonly used language in science and the 3rd across websites after English & Russian.


German is an inflected language with 4 cases for nouns, pronouns and adjectives, three genders, two numbers and strong and weak verbs. German grammar is rather complex, which can make German translation tricky depending on the target language or the source language.

German language translation services

Facts About German Translation

German can be difficult to translate from and to. Though historically related, German diverged from English a long time ago and has developed a number of linguistic particularities. This includes gendered nouns (“der”, “die”, “das”), complex sentence structures and several grammatical cases.


Culturally speaking, Germans are known for their rigour. The German ear is quite excellent at picking up grammatical errors and Germans will be quick to correct your mistakes. Avoid this by only working with professional translators when you require German translation services.

German language translation services

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