Language Services

In addition to our translation services, we also provide a number of additional language services, including proofreading, localisation, transcreation (creative translation) & transcription.


Since these language services are often highly specific, we custom-tailor all of our non-translation services directly to the needs of our clients. Please contact us directly with your project or proposal. We will get back to you in less than 24 hrs with a project outline & offer.

Proofreading Services

In terms of our proofreading services, we also only with native-speaking linguists who specialise in proofreading and editing texts.

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Localisation Services

Localising a text entails not only translating it into the respective target language but also adapting it to relevant cultural specificities.

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Transcreation Services

Creativity and writing ability are as important as translation skill when it comes to transcreation or creative translations.

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Transcription Services

Professional transcription services require a good ear as well as professional native speakers & translators.

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Please contact us directly for any language-related services that you require and may not be able to find on this list.